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Meaning of the word Beyootèful (Be-you-tea-full)


The word comes from the google translated pronunciation of the word beautiful, we originally were supposed to disguise the word beautiful in a different language to have as our brand name but, was intrigued by the unique spelling of the word’s pronunciation. So we decided to create our own version of the pronunciation spelling and came up with Beyootèful. If you want to see how we did it, go head over and try!

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Hair Myths - Health

  • Stress turns your hair gray

  • Your hair gets used to the same shampoo

  • A last cold-water rinse makes hair shinier

  • Hair grows faster when it's trimmed frequently

  • If you pluck gray hair, two more will grow in its place

  • You should shampoo oily hair daily

  • Split ends can be repaired

  • Weaves and wigs prevent hair damage

  • Towel-drying and air-drying is better than blow-drying

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